Friday, August 13, 2010

8.13 Spindling silk and angora

When we first moved to Rochester (6 years ago), I acquired some blue tussah silk in Denim Blue. 3 oz - such a huge amount! (not)


When I started spinning it on the Lollipop, I plied it two ply silk - one ply angora. When I ran out of angora, I didn't lose interest particularly, just immediacy. Other things came and went, and I kept working on the silk rather desultorily.


When I ran across it again (that stash rearrangement!) I decided I wanted to finish it during the TdF. I didn't make the deadline, but I did finish it on our trip to the B&B.

I spun for a while one evening while the resident cat snuggled on the sofa near me. Not a cat used to spindles, every time the spindle spun she alerted on it and watched like a hawk. As soon as I took the spindle back in my hand, she relaxed again.

The next morning I spun again while waiting for breakfast and between then and the time we quit gabbing with the innkeepers, I managed to get it all finished up!



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Lovely blend, beautiful yarn!