Thursday, July 22, 2010

7.22 Odd Thursday

J is down at Geneseo helping to setup for the NYPower rocket launch this weekend (the weather is looking icky for that but hope springs eternal).

S is upstairs avoiding gathering up stuff for packing for his trip to VA on Sunday.

In theory I'm sewing patches on uniforms, but I notice a little avoidance going on here as well.


This is BFL from High Bid Farm, in the Maggie colorway. Maggie is a perfectly beautiful brindled boxer. I got to meet her on Saturday when we met at the farm for spinning guild. Maggie had a great run (Bad Maggie!) when one of the Shetland rams got out - she chased him until she herself was finally caught. The ram was hot and bothered for quite a while after that. Maggie sat in the shade and visited with us after that, not repentant at all.

I have about 3/4 pound of this color, and another 1/4 pound of a darker shade. Depending on how much yardage I get, I'm thinking the body of the sweater in this shade and cuffs and ribbings in the darker shade.


Cookie said...

Lovely spinning!

joan said...

Tell S. to look out for Griffin in VA.
Love the spinning/hate sewing on patches.

gayle said...

Maggie is beautiful! Enjoy your avoidance!

Cathy said...

Yummmmmm - I can see a sweater.

pacalaga said...