Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7.20 Ten on Tuesday

10 things to take when camping

1. Sleeping pad. Preferably an air mattress. My bones are too old for sleeping on the ground.
2. Sleeping bag or other night covering, suitable to the weather. A sheet in the summer; a lightweight bag in the fall; our zip together winter bags when there's snow on the ground.
3. Pillow. Gotta have a pillow regardless of the weather.
4. Tent. Or possibly a trailer. Or even a camper. J likes to sleep under the stars, which is ok for one night, maybe two, but gets old quickly. A cot is good if there isn't a tent - I'll never forget the little crabby footieprints under the people's cots when we camped out at the beach. I want the crabs Under the Cot, not Walking Over Me.
5. Cookstove. Cooking over a fire is fun as a side amusement, but I want reliable heat for tea water in the morning.
6. Enough clothes.
7. Enough food.
8. A book to read.
9. Sturdy shoes to go for a walk.
10. Something with which to stifle any drunken neighbors. A bludgeon comes to mind, particularly when I recall the idiots who decided it was a good idea to kill a skunk (by stoning it) upwind of us. We went home early that time.


Cookie said...

Crabs under cots? Yeah, I knew there was a reason I don't camp.


gayle said...

We've always river-camped (canoeing) so dry clothes in a waterproof bag were always near the top of the list...