Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7.13 Ten on Tuesday

10 things I like about where I live

1. College town. Not that I am enamoured of college students en masse, but where there are college towns, there are often side benefits. Cheap entertainment for one - lots of possibilities for music, theater and museums.
2. Guilds. Embroidery, weavers, crochet, knit, spinning, lacers...
3. Farmer's markets abound.
4. Lots of parks - by the Lake, by the river, in the hills.
5. Skiing within easy reach in the wintertime.
6. Yarn shops. Possibly too many to be self sustaining for the long haul, but having 5 real yarn shops within easy reach is really nice.
7. Six months of nice weather, three of ok weather and two or three of hot muck. The odds are good. Having real seasons is a major plus after living in CA for so long.
8. A real bicycle race in the summer time to go see.
9. Having a real rocket guild is a plus for J and when he's happy with his hobbies I can enjoy mine with a clear mind.
10. Having an expensive school system is expensive (and somewhat wasteful ::sniff::) but I will say we're getting our money's worth for the most part. Three more years to go and we'll be through with public school.


pacalaga said...

sounds good to me. sigh.

gayle said...

That's a lovely list. I'm envying your guilds...