Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6.15 Ten on Tuesday

Ten reasons to do Ten on Tuesday:

1. Gets me off my duff and makes me put something on the blog.
2. Interesting topics (for the most part) that make me ponder a bit.
3. Having pondered it, I'm interested in what other people thought.
4. Having pondered it, I can make my kids read it too.
5. I enjoy reading the comments people make about my lists.
7. It helps me find new blogs I might like to read.
9. It gets me out of my rut, making me write on topics I wouldn't think to do otherwise.
10. It's fun.


gayle said...

All compelling reasons, but I'm still not organized enough to try it... 8)

Zonda said...

I'm giving it a try! We'll see :)