Tuesday, March 02, 2010

3.2 Wips smackdown the fourth


One baby surprise jacket (complete with cat head, because she just can't leave it alone). This was knit from some DHF that I dyed in the bump and then spun about worsted weight in a chain ply. I have finally crocheted the edging, tucked in the ends and washed it. Pre-finishing it looked like this:


and you can see how much it grew with a dunk in the water. The picture post washing is still wet and the colors are much more true in the second picture. Since I have no immediate need for baby clothing in my own family (thank goodness) or in my extended acquaintance (how did that happen?) this one will probably be turned over to Warm Extremities. I knit it to figure out how it was done and I cannot imagine how someone could come up with this. I have a decent two-D visualization, but I just don't do the three-D stuff.


pacalaga said...


beadlizard said...

You're on a roll! EZ's manifolds make me purr.

Cookie said...

If the cat isn't interested in something, you've done it wrong. ;^)

So cute!

Freyalyn said...

I love this pattern - I've made it twice and had to actively search out people with babies to give it too, but certainly the first time I just couldn't get my head around how it worked, and the next time it was just such fun to fold in up in such a way and - ta da!! - a jacket. Love your colours for yours.