Monday, March 01, 2010

3.1 Wips smackdown #3

I got to the end of the wool peddler's shawl and had a bunch of yarn left over (not surprising since I had started with a little over a pound of finished yarn). So, I knit a scarf. This was the second time I knit Sylvia's cabled rib scarf and I still like it. The cables don't show as well in the variegated yarn (surprise surprise!) but it makes a soft cushy squishy scarf anyway. And then, still having more yarn left over, I knit a hat to go with it. (Why do I never notice things like photographing the hat with the seam side up, which wouldn't be all that bad since my seaming has gotten a lot better, but it is noticeable that the stripes stop and start at one place. This is the back of my head when I wear the hat and I don't care about it then, but it looks funny in a picture. However I am lazy and if I wait until I get another picture, you won't ever get to see it.)


The hat is my standard mindless knitting hat. I cast on a random even number of stitches (wrap the yarn around my head, then triple that length. Cast on an even number of stitches using long-tail cast on until I have about 4 inches of tail left.) Knit in K2P2 rib until the knitting is as long as my middle finger. Put a purl welt on the right side of the turn up. Continue in K2P2 rib until the part above the welt is the length of my hand. Start decreasing (1st decrease row: K2P2tog across. Knit in pattern for 3 rows. 2nd decrease row: K2togP1 across. Knit in pattern for 3 rows. 3rd decrease row: K2tog across. Knit in pattern for 1 row. Repeat 3rd decrease row and return as needed until somewhere between 10 and 15 stitches are left.) Sew through remaining stitches to pull into a circle, sew up side, remembering that the right side will change at the welt for the turn up (something I don't always remember to do).

This leaves one with a seam, but on the other hand, since all the measurements are off my own body, all I need is a ball of yarn and a circular needle, with no switching to DPNs necessary at the decrease.

Since I knit the scarf and then the hat immediately after the shawl, they've all three been sitting 'round waiting for ends to be tucked in. Consider it done.


gayle said...

I'm willing to pretend there's no seam showing...
Beautiful knits!

pacalaga said...

I'd never have noticed - I'd just assumed it was one of those handpainted skeins that had colors starting and ending wherever they felt like it. Nice!

Freyalyn said...

Isn't it satisfying to be so productive. And as with so much in knitting, if you don't actually point out a 'fault' no-one ever notices it.