Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2.3 Teenagers!

We had two inches of snow today, give or take a bit. Fluffy snow, for the most part. Since K has her license now, I'm not having to pick her up after school every day. I went out and shoveled the drive after I got home, and once I was back inside, the snow plow promptly came by and dumped a 2 foot by 3 inch pile at the end of the drive.

I did have to go pick up S at 5. He came out from track (indoor) practice in his t-shirt and shorts, not even bothering with his hoodie this time. I dropped him at the end of the drive with instructions to put his hoodie and long pants on and then clear the end of the drive before I got back from the grocery store.

When I got back, the end of the drive was duly cleared off.

J helped me with the groceries, and by way of idle conversation said "guess what I found at the end of the drive when I got home?" Me: "What?" (thinking I might have to get on someone's case after all.) J: "Our son shoveling the drive in short pants and a t-shirt." Me: ::headdesk::


pacalaga said...

Boys are goobers. You know this.

BammerKT said...

Yeah well, you can't give any of ours three pieces of instruction and expect them to be able to remember more than just "the one".

Goobers indeed!

Cathy said...

Payback is wonderful - I laughed too hard at your post - then at my son complaining about his step son's behavior!!