Friday, February 26, 2010

2.26 Weather reports

Shall we review the bidding for those playing along at home?

1. NWS yesterday claimed an inch for yesterday, 8-12 inches last night, an inch or two today.
2. The radio this morning stated we'd had 8-12 inches, depending on where you were and an inch or so more today, tapering off mid-morning.
3. The paper this morning stated we'd probably get about 15 inches out of this storm.
4. NWS this morning said another inch or two today, tapering off mid morning.

And, our final results a-a-a-re!

I scraped 2 inches off the drive yesterday evening.
There were 8 inches on the drive this morning. J&I shoveled half of it; K&S&I shoveled the other half of it.
I shoveled another inch late morning.
K shoveled another inch early afternoon.
K&S shoveled another 2 inches mid afternoon.
K&S&I shoveled another inch late afternoon.
It's still snowing.

That's 15 inches and counting...


BammerKT said...

We're getting hammered too! While our lazy butts are parked in front of the fireplace watching the Simpsons :S

Cookie said...


I hope all y'all are staying warm, safe and dry.


gayle said...

We got dumped on, too, Saturday. Same storm, same mileage.
I knew that spring-like early February wouldn't last...