Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2.17 Working on wips

I may have mentioned that I don't ordinarily do -alongs or -swaps. I hate dropping what I'm in the middle of in order to do something to someone else's schedule. Exceptions do occasionally get made, particularly when it's something I was going to do anyway. Ravelympics came along and I thought about how and whether I wanted to do that.

The category for WIPs seems tailormade for where I am right now. I may have also mentioned before that I hate finishing with a passion. Once in a while, I make myself finish things immediately, but often, they get tucked in a drawer to wait until I feel like it.

I haven't felt like it for quite a while.

The stack has been reaching critical nagging mass.

My personal goal for Ravelympics is to reduce the mass, if not to zero, at least to the point where they don't nag me any more (which will be pretty darn close to zero).

And in that spirit, I offer up the first of the items on the finishing line:

One Triangle Scarf.

This is a pattern that I came up with from a description of the technique a few years ago. There was somewhat of a hoohah online about this as I recall, as Person A published a pattern for it, and then got upset when Person B gave a two sentence description of the technique. Person A claimed that Person B had violated copyright (with all of the attendant copyright nonsense that followed). I would probably have ignored the whole thing because I dislike the yarn the scarf was intended for except that the nonsense made me decide to figure out if I could come up with the scarf from the two sentence description.

Obviously, I did come up with a scarf. I've never looked to see if what I did matched the original pattern, because I didn't care whether I did or not. I now have a mindless knitting scarf pattern that I've repeated several times; it's a good pattern for long repeats of color.

This scarf, now finished and blocked, is headed out for my nephew. It should be just the perfect size for an eight year old.


pacalaga said...

I like it! I also have a new favorite yarn-with-long-repeats-of-color that begs to be that scarf...

Cookie said...


Nothing like a pattern that comes with it's dramaz. o.O


gayle said...

I think I have a condition called finishiphobia. I'll match my WIPs against yours any day. 8)
I remember all that scarf drama...