Friday, January 29, 2010

1.29 Next up...

Next we have some more Chasing Rainbows, this time 100% Bombyx silk.*


This purple pile turned into this:


Again, I haven't measured the grist, but I love the way it slides all smooth and cool through my hands. The Orange One thinks it should be just right for a cat toy so I'm having to keep it put up well out of sight.

* I meant to put a footnote on yesterday's post, but seem to have forgotten to do so after I got interrupted midpost. That's ok - it applies here as well.

When the heck did people start calling Bombyx silk mulberry silk instead? I went to figure out exactly what "mulberry silk" was and found that it is the silk produced by the Bombyx moth(s). Ok... isn't that what Bombyx silk is? The Bombyx moth eats mulberry leaves and produces Bombyx silk. We still call Tussah silk Tussah and not what the Tussah moth eats. I can't find that there is a practical difference between "Bombyx silk" and "mulberry silk" - any suggestions?

That would explain why the mulberry silk in yesterday's post felt exactly like bleached Bombyx.


Cookie said...


Is that the Iris colorway?

beadlizard said...

Ask Michael Cook (wormspit) -- he's THE American authority on silk and the nicest guy. And please share the answer?

gayle said...

That is the most luscious purple I've ever seen! And I'm a huuuuuge fan of purple...