Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

12.3 Back from Thanksgiving

... and running hard. I appreciate all of your good thoughts about Brandon the dog. He's on something which is diminishing his symptoms at the moment, although it's only a stopgap and it's obvious the end can't be pushed off very long. He tires easily, but is still interested in food, going outside, and stopping cat squabbles. He howls at the telephone ringing and barks at the mailman. Life still seems to be ok.

I seem to be thrashing around. I haven't spun anything since two days after I last mentioned it on the blog (a month ago? I don't want to look.) I haven't knit consistently on anything. I've started an SOA, but quit for vacation because the double balls of yarn were too cumbersome to take. I didn't finish the corner-to-corner on vacation because while I thought I had the Next Ball of yarn, when I checked the bag, I really didn't, that was some other yarn. In the fifteen minutes I had before we left the house, I tore apart the stash, but didn't find it. I now have to put the stash back together before the cats are allowed back in the spare room. I also still need to find the Next Ball. Where is it?

In a huff I started a new shawl on the trip, which was fun, but now I have another shawl to keep working on when I really wanted to finish up corner-to-corner and concentrate on SOA.

Like I said. Thrashing around.