Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9.29 end of the yarn

Hyrna Herborgar is coming along again (at last). One of the projects that K unearthed for me, it's been waiting for two years for me to figure out why I had two extra stitches appear over the most recently knit two rows. I had gone from 437 stitches (expected) to 445 stitches rather than 443 stitches. I set it down until I had some Attention to give to it, and there it sat.

It's moving along again - having identified and fixed the problem, I've now gotten from 22 rows to go to 13 stitches, one row and a bind off to finish.

Unfortunately, I need to find the other ball of yarn first.


beadlizard said...

Ack! A cliffhanger...

gayle said...

That's a pattern that's on my "I want to knit this before I die" list.
Not the immediate queue, but the ultimate queue.
I will enjoy seeing yours. Hunt hard for that ball of yarn!