Thursday, September 24, 2009

9.24 Progress

K did a sweep through the family room a couple of weeks ago, and asked what she should do with my knitting. "Oh, just put it in a pile and I'll take care of it."

Famous last words.

Out of the resulting pile, I have dismantled four projects as being Done. They were projects started for the purpose of learning some new technique, and technique mastered, they were no longer of interest. Their yarns are being recycled.

Then we have the projects that were cruising along, but got to the point where they needed Attention, not just Knitting. Not having time to give them Attention, they were set aside until I had time. And there they sat.

Ruby is just such a project. I got the fronts and backs done, and needed to spend some time sewing up shoulders and sides, picking up stitches for bands...


All done.


Squishy said...

Yeah! For and FO and for getting rid of those nagging projects that couldn't be finished.

beadlizard said...


Almost all the projects in my pile need Attention. Good way of phrasing it!