Wednesday, July 08, 2009

7.8 Spinning on the wheel and spindles

On the wheel is a batt of merino and angelina.

merinobatt (the batt)

The red is tussah silk from Just Our Yarn (the neverending 3.5 oz I bought almost a year ago - this is what's left of the first half of it.)

And the blackberry English longwool from Freyalyn, which I misplaced months ago and just recently found again.


Birdsong said...

These are all so gorgeous and richly jewel-toned! Nice spinning too.

beadlizard said...

I could happily never ever spin angelina again. Ick. It always feels like plastic kemp to me.

That Freyalynn fiber looks gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, both of you. Yes, Freyalyn's fiber is always wonderful. The merino/angelina isn't actually too bad - better than I thought it would be. The angelina is cut very fine and is a really small proportion of the total fiber, to the ick factor is minimized while still giving a bit of glitz. We'll see what it feels like when being knit up. I think I'll probably end up wanting to use silk in future. I like silk!