Saturday, June 20, 2009

6.20 Magic sock pattern

It's been pouring rain all day. Sean played a game of soccer this morning at the tournament and came home looking like a drowned rat, water dripping from every surface, and chilled. We had time to warm him and dry his clothes before he's gone again to his evening game. This morning was 4-1 in their favor.

I've been spending time this afternoon looking through some Workbaskets I picked up last year at the rummage sale and haven't really had time to look at. I randomly started with the ones from 1956-57, which are heavy on the crochet and light on the knitting. Some lace edgings, a very few sweaters. The sweaters are done in sock-or-sport-wool on #1-3 needles depending on the pattern. A far cry from what a modern craft magazine would think they should offer for the random sweater pattern.

In the December '57 issue, they offer a Classic Sock pattern, and I found the beginning interesting: "This knitted sock pattern is simple and easy to make. Use wool sock yarn or nylon and a set of four needles - the size depends upon the kind of yarn used. These directions are for size 9-10. Larger or smaller sizes may be made by adding or subtracting inches in length between heel and toe. To begin, cast on 60 stitches..."

No adjustments are apparently ever necessary in girth or according to the kind of yarn. Magic socks!

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