Friday, May 01, 2009

5.1 sock

Believe it or not, there has actually been a bit of knitting going on. Exhibit A: A sock. (sort of) This is the second time I've gotten to this point, as I completely ripped the first attempt.
When I started, I assumed that if the sock didn't fit me, I would just let K have it. That plan worked up to the moment when I had three repeats done and tried it on K's foot and it wouldn't come close to going over her heel. Hmmm... I generally knit loosely, and often have to scale down a bit, but a (nominal) size 8 sock is apparently really a size 8 sock (or less) and will not fit a size 9 teenager, much less a size 11 adult (why yes, big feet do run in our family, why do you ask?)
I have not knit many socks, and as a consequence, I don't have a good feel for what sort of sock size (in terms of stitch count, size yarn, and or needle) is going to work out well to make a sock that will fit any of us. My gauge calculations to date have been pretty useless. I envy people who can say - why I cast on my usual 53 stitches for the perfect sock size and went to town. I realize that they got to this point by doing a bunch of socks that didn't work, but I haven't been able to make myself do enough of that bunch of socks to get to that point myself.
To date, I have knit three pairs of socks, two single socks and three half socks. I get bored and put them down.
Working on the theory that I get bored because I'm knitting plain socks (trying to get to that internalized understanding of what makes a good sock for me) and that I might continue to stay interested if I pick livelier patterns, I'm trying Cookie A's Sock Innovation. So far so good, even if I have started completely over. On the other hand, I may trip over my other problem with knitting socks - if I have to modify the pattern to make it fit (which I just told you I did), I also have to write it down so that I can remember what I did for the other one. Since I almost never plan to knit the same thing twice, I don't have to remember this step for anything else I knit. My record for doing this for socks isn't very good.

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