Thursday, April 09, 2009

4.9 sunny day

It's a beautiful sunny day. It doesn't even seem to be terribly windy, which is a change. Tomorrow, it's supposed to rain again, so I think I'll take what I can get.

I seem to be in a terribly restless mood. I want to throw away two thirds of my possessions and strip down to basics. There are reasons why I hang onto stuff (mostly because if I throw it away or give it away I will hate having to buy it again if I ever need it once more). Paperbackswap has been good for getting rid of books I don't want, but it really only works for swapping books I don't want for those I do (which is somewhat of a good thing) and leaves me with a zero sum game. I want a reduction, not just a changing of the guard. And besides, the books that I've listed for swapping have to go somewhere so I don't lose track of them when someone wants one, and those piles are more damn piles.

This rant all started with reading Madwoman's Lunchbox, which took all my vague feelings and bundled them up for me, seed crystal in a supersaturated solution. J had noticed that stuff had been leaving the house via the trashbin and the recycling options - I'm afraid he hasn't seen anything yet.

The term Spring Cleaning exists for a reason, honed over generations of people rasped to tender nerve endings by being closed up in their domiciles for too many months on end. I've got a bad case this year.

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