Monday, April 20, 2009

4.20 Rainy day

K and S are off of school this week - spring break. (Usually spring break is the week after Easter. I haven't heard a rational explanation yet for why, this year, spring break is the week after the week after Easter.) So of course, the chance of rain today is 100%. We need the rain, but it is going to make timing Sean's mile a little wet today. He might try wiggling out of it, but Tuesday and Wednesday this week are also supposed to be wet. I've promised to let them sleep in today, but playing the following (singing Muppet sheep!) has apparently pried them out of bed, and at only 10:50 in the morning!
That did let me get a bunch of reading done for my homework, which is all to the good.


Lene Andersen said...

Thanks for that video. Made me laugh (and likely have the song in my head for the entire day).

Hope you enjoyed your day.

Elizabeth said...

I did enjoy my day - in fact the whole week of spring break was mostly nice.
I didn't have it as an ear worm when I listened the first time, but after you said that, I listened again and then! All day.