Monday, March 09, 2009

3.9 red bobbin

Here is a better picture of the dark red I'm spinning. Cushings black cherry on a heathery brown from DHF.

Once upon a time, when I was working on the Beginner Triangle, I spun up about a third of the pound. That time I used it as a singles in the two-ply with a variegated BFL. This time, I'm doing a three-ply of the cherry by itself, and it is intended as the accent yarn to accompany the red leaf yarn.

We'll see how it comes out - I do like the two sets of colors next to each other.

PS It is amazing what we can forget when we want to. I was looking for the triangle post to link to it, and I had completely forgotten the story about the neighbor suggesting that the triangle shawl was worthy of being put in the Gift Exchange. It's also amazing the things we can find amusing at the distance of a couple of years, when they were only appalling at the time.

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