Sunday, March 08, 2009

3.8 turkeys again

The whole flock came wandering through the yard again. I couldn't get a shot with all of them in it without alarming them to some extent, so all twelve of them are facing the other way. They still wouldn't hustle and lose their dignity, but they were on their way somewhere else.
This flock seems to be all toms, and pretty much of a size. In good condition too! I don't think it's turkey hunting season though... I haven't noticed any hens around although that doesn't stop the boys from fanning every now and then. Either just keeping in practice, or else putting off possible rivals, even if they are hanging out together for the winter.

All of the snow is gone and the woods are pretty much bare. The stream in the gully is pretty loud at the moment. We've not yet seen any coyotes go through recently, although there has been a bit of detritus from meals visible. So, what do wild turkeys eat in the winter when the snow covers pretty much everything and the marshy areas are frozen over?

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beadlizard said...

My guess is people are putting out grain for them. Not sure. They may have a hobo route scoped out that goes from bowl of cat food by the back door to nice lady who scatters grain to ...

I still say they look like supper.