Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3.31 vertical but coughing

My cough just doesn't want to quit. Other than that I'm pretty much mobile again, which is good as I have a job interview tomorrow morning and K's suitcase has to be at the school tomorrow for inspection by 7:15. Laundry is happening, an angelfood cake is in the oven, and assistance with homework is happening on demand.
Missing two days of school for a field trip has led to massive amounts of homework ahead of time, trying to finish up everything due on Thursday, Friday and Monday, and undoubtedly will lead to massive (additional) amounts of homework trying to catch up on everything assigned on Thursday and Friday that she won't receive until Monday and Tuesday, along with everything assigned to everyone on Monday and Tuesday.
I'm not sure I would think it worth it, but everyone going on the trip does, and since they are the ones actually doing the homework, I suppose it must be.

It must be spring, based on the crocuses, the robins, the falcons, and the goldfinch. The March wind blowing snowflakes around yesterday, I could have done without.

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beadlizard said...

I'll trade you pollen for snow... --syl