Monday, February 23, 2009

2.23 bobbins red leaf fiber

These are the last three bobbins of the red leaf fiber from Freyalyn. It's been a pleasure to spin.
I've discovered over the past couple of years that a dichotomy exists - I like spinning changing colors best. I like knitting plain colors best. Hmm - what to do what to do.
This project will wind up being both. I've spun the changing colors yarn and am moving on to the static color yarn. I'll knit with both.

thanks for the good wishes on the cold - it turned into a combination of nasties - sinus infection, ear infection, bronchitis, but these are easing up finally, and if I could get the second ear to pop so that sounds didn't keep echoing around in my skull, I would be a much happier camper. As soon as my final paper for class is done also.

I know, I always want something more.

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beadlizard said...

I have the same spinning/knitting problem. No solution...