Friday, December 19, 2008

12.19 Gladys Amedro's Shetland Lace

Susan gave me some of the best knitting news I've had in a while - Gladys Amedro's book Shetland Lace is available once again.

I had a copy of the book when it was published last time. I was working on one of the patterns (repeat 80 of 82 for the border), when the whole kit and kaboodle (knitting, yarn, book and knitting bag [a bag my mom had needlepointed an original design for a panel and then assembled into the bag]) disappeared when our van was broken into one night.* Best guess was that the bag was used to haul off the cds and/or the radio that was stolen from the van, or perhaps items from some of the other 4 cars on our cul-de-sac that were broken into the same night. I cared nothing about the commercially available items - it was the knitting, bag and book I wanted back, dammit!

We were moving two weeks later and I had no time to worry about the knitting. By the time I did have time to worry about the knitting (a couple of years later), I couldn't find the book again. Amazon would search for a copy for me (none were available) if I was going to be willing to pony up $85 for it they found it. Ummm - at that point I was unemployed; no I don't think so. Currently, Amazon will provide a copy if I'm willing to pony up $215. Ummm - someone in the house is employed but a. it isn't me and b. my extra cash is going into paying for school.

I will have to see what Santa brings me - it's going on my wishlist this minute!

*This does seem to be my week for whining about things going missing - I still do have an awful lot of things, handmade by me and otherwise, in my possession!

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