Tuesday, November 11, 2008

K's slippers

Once upon a time I promised the story of K's good fortune at the Fiber Fest.

She agreed to help with the front gate for my stint of service. She hadn't mean to go, but decided that she would. We were working at the front gate later than usual, so we went to roam around the FFF first. She found a pair of slippers she fell in love with but they were $50 (reasonable but expensive on a teen's budget) and she decided to think about it. While we were having lunch, I heard from the loudspeaker "blah blah blah K blah blah". What was that?
And a little bit later again we heard "blah blah blah K blah blah". What?
I eventually found someone to ask and they said " oh, they were announcing the Fest Bucks winners. Go ask at the guild table". So - in exchange for K agreeing to work the gate, her name got put in the pot for the Fest Bucks enticement to persuade people to volunteer. $25.
That makes the price of the slippers look much more reasonable, no? So we trundled back over to buy slippers and discovered that the only pair that fit her feet were somehow marked as $24 instead of the $50 that all the rest were. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, she purchased them and wound up with fifteen cents change, after taxes.
So... after all that, she came home with a pair of slippers and fifteen cents more than she went to the fest with. Not bad at all.

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