Thursday, November 06, 2008

11.6 Dash to the end(s)

Well, the election's over. I will enjoy the freedom from political ads for a few days.

Not that I would be paying much attention in the next few days anyway:
1. My final paper, discussion comments, summary of the course essay and peer evaluation are due this weekend.
2. K's play is this weekend. She's doing better, but not getting enough sleep to really get over her cough. Opening night is tonight; closing night is Saturday.
3. J's parents are arriving tomorrow, to a more than usually awful house. All I can do at this point is cringe and get over it. Oh well.
4. S is leaving for the weekend tomorrow night. I suppose I really need to find out if he wants to see the play. Hmmm - these thoughts that never occur until (almost) too late.

S's school soccer team had their end of season party on Halloween afternoon - a perfect season 11-0, and an excellent season for the keepers. Each person playing keeper had 1 goal scored on him all season. Since S is their primary keeper (he plays 2 or 3 quarters, depending on format) and the others play only 1 quarter per game, this is an excellent stat for him. His team this year was very good both offensively and defensively - next year won't be likely to be as good, but he was thrilled that the ones who really didn't want to play weren't there. The school team and the travel team both are getting whittled down to the ones who still really want to play.

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