Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11.12 Classwork done

One class down, two to go.

Someone asked me at the beginning of summer, two summers ago, whether I thought it was worthwhile going back to school. I said that it was a hard question to answer, exactly half way through my degree. I had certainly thought so when I started. I was pretty sure I would think so this year, when I was almost done. I wasn't quite sure at that exact moment, half way through with neither the enthusiasm of just having started nor the wind in my sails of being almost done.

Well, the wind is back in the sails. I want to be done so bad I can taste it, and yes, at the moment, it is worth it.

Just two classes to go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

K's slippers

Once upon a time I promised the story of K's good fortune at the Fiber Fest.

She agreed to help with the front gate for my stint of service. She hadn't mean to go, but decided that she would. We were working at the front gate later than usual, so we went to roam around the FFF first. She found a pair of slippers she fell in love with but they were $50 (reasonable but expensive on a teen's budget) and she decided to think about it. While we were having lunch, I heard from the loudspeaker "blah blah blah K blah blah". What was that?
And a little bit later again we heard "blah blah blah K blah blah". What?
I eventually found someone to ask and they said " oh, they were announcing the Fest Bucks winners. Go ask at the guild table". So - in exchange for K agreeing to work the gate, her name got put in the pot for the Fest Bucks enticement to persuade people to volunteer. $25.
That makes the price of the slippers look much more reasonable, no? So we trundled back over to buy slippers and discovered that the only pair that fit her feet were somehow marked as $24 instead of the $50 that all the rest were. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, she purchased them and wound up with fifteen cents change, after taxes.
So... after all that, she came home with a pair of slippers and fifteen cents more than she went to the fest with. Not bad at all.

11.11 Not out of the woods yet

Closing night of the play was also great. This was just a great bunch of kids doing something they obviously enjoy doing.

I'm almost through with the very last short essay for my class. Tomorrow we'll be done-done.
(Not just done, but done-done. We had a long silly discussion about the difference between done and done-done.)

Dragged K off to the dr. today, for the Cough that Won't Quit.
Walking pneumonia.

Friday, November 07, 2008

11.7 Opening night

The play is great. The kids were all high energy and all of them felt like it was the best opening night they'd been through. I think I'd have to agree with them.

Three more performances to go.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

11.6 Dash to the end(s)

Well, the election's over. I will enjoy the freedom from political ads for a few days.

Not that I would be paying much attention in the next few days anyway:
1. My final paper, discussion comments, summary of the course essay and peer evaluation are due this weekend.
2. K's play is this weekend. She's doing better, but not getting enough sleep to really get over her cough. Opening night is tonight; closing night is Saturday.
3. J's parents are arriving tomorrow, to a more than usually awful house. All I can do at this point is cringe and get over it. Oh well.
4. S is leaving for the weekend tomorrow night. I suppose I really need to find out if he wants to see the play. Hmmm - these thoughts that never occur until (almost) too late.

S's school soccer team had their end of season party on Halloween afternoon - a perfect season 11-0, and an excellent season for the keepers. Each person playing keeper had 1 goal scored on him all season. Since S is their primary keeper (he plays 2 or 3 quarters, depending on format) and the others play only 1 quarter per game, this is an excellent stat for him. His team this year was very good both offensively and defensively - next year won't be likely to be as good, but he was thrilled that the ones who really didn't want to play weren't there. The school team and the travel team both are getting whittled down to the ones who still really want to play.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

11.4 Civic duty done

Stopped by the polls on my way to work. Tiny thing as usual - 3 workers, one booth, 5 minutes in and out. Steady stream of people, but not much of a line.

One young man with his dad ahead of me; one small boy with his mom. The dad voted first, then asked the young man if he needed help. That teen-aged "Da-ad" look crossed his face, but he just said, "no". He stepped in, flipped the levers, stepped out again. As they left, Dad was saying "See? Easy! Hardly seems waiting all these years for, does it..."

I don't know how the small boy and mom made out - I was signing in as they were in the booth and by the time I finished, they were gone.

One of my neighbors was ahead of me in line, one of my neighbors walked in as I left.

Have you voted yet?