Saturday, September 06, 2008

9.6 coneflowers

Exhibit B: Coneflowers make such a lovely display without requiring much special attention. I wish they came in other shades, partly because I'm not entirely fond of this shade, but mostly because everybody has this one. (n.b. they may very well do so, but not popularly available in the local nurseries and I am only now working up enough energy on the subject to start complaining and looking around. Any suggestions gratefully received.) I have these two plants in my big round bed, and intended to move them to the lower new bed. Since everyone in the neighborhood seems to have put them in, I'm reluctant to make mine more visible. I want the bed to look like something besides a stamped out version of the same bed everyone else has.

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Cathy said...

I've tried the purple coneflowers which everyone else seems to grow with abandon. The only ones that grow for me are the yellow ones. Everyone else grows them too but I don't care. I have my daylily crosses in the same bed and I know no one else has those.

Small victories.

Hope you get over your cold soon!!