Sunday, September 21, 2008

9.21 A week later...

We got power back Monday night (only 17 hours without, which wasn't too bad, considering). The fridge and the freezer survived pretty well, although I feel the need to use up the blueberries in the kitchen freezer pretty soon. Some of them made a very nice pie.

It was a busy week (aren't they all?) and having now finished my quiz, my reading, my essay for the week, and my necessary messages to the instructor and my team mates, I'm turning my attention (briefly) to the question of my blog.


What happened to the camera?

We had a mad cleaning frenzy yesterday (the house looks nice!) and the camera has fallen in. Someone probably put it away some place that made perfect sense at the time.

Maybe tomorrow. Also I'll tell you about K's extraordinary luck at the Fiber Festival today!

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