Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9.10 September...

always brings with it a ton of new stuff, until we (and others) get settled into a new routine. K is starting 10th grade, starting the school play practices, starting in Women's Choir, starting in Show Choir (it only goes to 9th grade but after that the teacher takes a volunteer who wants to learn how to direct and run things - K is that person this year). S is starting 8th grade, starting goalkeeper for the 8th grade soccer team, starting goalkeeper for his travel soccer team. I'm back on the job at my internship, starting a new class, attending Parents' Nights at the schools, parent meetings for the play, for the Choirs, for the sports teams.

I have a cold which manifests itself in enormous sneezes, five and six at a time, and in a constant headache. I just want to go to bed and pull the covers up.

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