Saturday, May 31, 2008

5.31 Things I wonder about

1. I came home Thursday evening: the water in the house was off and the fire hydrant across the street was putting out a waterfall. Questioning the next door neighbor, the water had apparently been off most of the day. A bit later, the water came back on again. About an hour later, the water authority people showed up and watched the waterfall for half an hour. They then drove away, leaving the waterfall to run for the next 36 hours.

2. My neighbor on the left, apparently hale and hearty in all other respects, always drives when she goes to visit the neighbor on my right. Our lot is 100 feet across.

3. Why does it always take another 10 rows of knitting before I notice that I've made a horrendous mistake only fixable by ripping back 10 rows?

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