Saturday, May 31, 2008

5.30 Post Birthday Wrap-up

My husband made me a birthday cake (my MIL asked if I'd made my own cake and I said no, she trained him too well. In the 20 years since we started dating, I've never made or bought my own cake). My daughter iced it. My son took me to the gym first. Can't say they didn't have all the pieces in place!

I got a bit of spinning done on my lunch break - still getting used to the new schedule, but I took my spindle to work with me and the other bunch of Freyalyn fiber. I'm consciously working on trying to make an even grist at a larger diameter than my standard default on this particular spindle. So far, 15 minutes into spinning, it's going pretty well.

Most of my b'day presents this year have to do with my garden. The bulbs J ordered me won't be here til the fall, but there's a warm glow that comes with knowing they'll be on the way.

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