Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5.27 front garden

The front garden is between the spring flowers and the summer flowers, but I do like the way the overall shape of the garden is turning out. With the addition of more Asian and Oriental lilies to the long bed, I've got almost all the planting done here that I intend.

I'm still messing with the round garden, but it is slowly being turned over to day lilies as the primary lily, along with the mint bed and last year's addition of bee balm. The bee balm looks nice now, but grew terribly mildewed by mid summer last year. I may or may not keep that one.

The mint (spearmint) was Katy's choice a couple of years ago and I keep it in check by ruthlessly culling around the edges each spring, making mint syrup from the culls. Time to make more! I put the syrup in the iced tea maker jug and it sweetens the tea nicely while giving it a nice minty tang. The bees adore the mint when it blooms.


Cathy said...

If I have duplicates in my baby daylilies, I'll send them on to you. I think I still have the notes of the ones I sent last year so I won't duplicate what you already have.

And Happy Birthday tomorrow!! I hope it will be a fantastic one.

beadlizard said...

Late Happy Birthday!!!

Lost track of time [again]...

I really like the way your front yard looks. Pretty. --syl