Sunday, May 25, 2008

5.23 Saturday the First

Today may be Friday by calendar, but by every other sense, it's Saturday. K and S have the day off, J took the day off, and I'm through with work until Tuesday when I start the new job. I say that, and yet, I did go to work to do some more brain dump. We're down through most of the "oh, I should tell you" items, and just with a few more questions from her. I'm sure there'll be a few more questions, but mostly we're done.
J went with the motorboat down to Seneca Lake to watch the sailboats race, picking up a friend on the way. He came home a bit sunburnt, having forgotten both a hat and sunscreen. K and S slept in - K to 11 am and S to noon. A sign of needing to catch up, I think. S spent the afternoon working off his fundraising - 1 angelfood cake and 1 lemon meringue pie. He had to supply them both to the high bidder in the silent auction. He's not made either one before and we had intended that he should make a test pie earlier in the week but getting sick put paid to that. We had to wing it (I've not made lemon meringue pie in some years, for the same reason he probably won't again for a while - it's a lot of work.) They did turn out well though and the high bidder was happy!

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