Friday, May 16, 2008

5.16 Whew! Or maybe not quite yet...

I finished up at work today. I've done my brain dump, passed on all the info I could spit out in 2 hours of time, handed off my keys and my cel phone number, and handed in my final time card. One thing down.

I've worked more on my paper, but haven't yet been allowed to look at the next batch of Workbaskets. 'nuff said.

I've checked my grade sheet and done some calculations; if the final is graded at the weighting he said it would be, I'll pass the course. (I would fail if I didn't turn in the final, but it would have to be really really bad to not pass as long as I do turn in the final.) That doesn't mean I won't do my absolute best on the final because I'm just that sort of self-competitive person and want All A's All the Time in Everything but even a C on the final is still passing so I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

After this paper is out of the way, I get to play in the garden. This will make the neighbors happy because I've been prepping for a new garden out front but haven't had time to go rent the rototiller I need for the next step. I'm sure they're tired of looking at the dead patch of grass I've created in step 1.

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