Monday, April 07, 2008

4.6 Progress!

Lengthening the slit for the zipper on K's new dress definitely helped. Once it went on over the boobs, it was obvious that it was going to be fine. She's been worried that the blue for the fabric was too blue, that the skirt was going to be too tight, that it wasn't going to look good, that... It's going to look fine. A decision was made about the drape which was to go down the front - it's out. The fabric she picked for the contrast color is not drape-y enough and it just makes her look odd. I got the zipper halfway in yesterday (I'm doing it by hand - it just seemed the right thing to do), I'll finish tacking down the bust band at the back, and then we can see if the gaposis at the armpit is still a problem. I'll let the dress hang for a day or more before I hem it up, so that we can see if the lining is going to sag, since I'd rather not hem it twice.

The reading for the paper is coming along - it isn't due until next week Monday, so I'm still on schedule for that.

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