Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2.6 Ice storm (again)

It rained, as promised, last night, then turned to sleet. This morning we have neatly framed yards in front. Each lawn is mostly bare, where the previous snow had been melted and washed away. Each driveway where the owner had shoveled the drive has a line of white along the edges, where it was just thick enough to resist melting. Each side of the road has a heavier line of white where the plow just came through, shoving the current mess of water/sleet/ice pellets off the main part of the road and onto the lawn. (What's up with that? they actually plowed our little spur. Last time it snowed they skipped our entire street altogether - maybe someone complained?)
When I get tired of working on software, I'll go out and scrape at the ice on the drive.
The kitties are at the kitty entertainment center, being entertained. At last count, we have 5 mourning doves, 6 dark-eyed juncos, 4 house finches, 1 black capped chickadee and 1 downy woodpecker at the various bird feeders. I'm going to have to fill the feeders this afternoon. Another possibility for a planned break when I get fed up with software.
No word from my partner - I suspect his attempt at solving our problem didn't succeed any better than mine.
The wind is starting to pick up, starting to howl around the edges of the house, making things creak just a bit and throwing handsfuls of gritty ice at the windows. Time for a shower, warmer clothes than my schlep-around-the-house-dress, and then, procrastination time over, it will be time to go to work.
There are times when I hate software, mostly when it isn't working.

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wendy said...

I can't believe you've been here four years already! Seems like only yesterday ... I am pleased as punch to be off the roads in this weather - 2 Wed's in a row! More of the pellet-y stuff at my house, than rain or snow-y stuff.