Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2.5 the end of a long day

It's amazing how quickly time can fly with software development isn't working well. I spent all afternoon on it, with very little to show for it except a number of attempts that didn't work. We'll see if my partner has made any further progress when he calls it quits tonight.
This winter has been extremely annoying. (Side note - we've lived here four winters now - no two have been the same.) In fact, it may be the most annoying one we've experienced yet. Last winter was too warm and dry, way into January. The winter before was cold and sort of snowy; the one previous to that was very cold and extremely snowy (the piles o'snow by the driveway were over my head at times).
This winter has been a yoyo. Three or four days of 20+F weather, three or four days of 40 or 50+ F weather. Lots of "wintery mix".
Today it rained. 45F. Tonight, we're supposed to get a cold blast again - rain followed by sleet, followed by wintery mix tomorrow. 1-4 inches of the stuff. Yick.

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