Thursday, February 14, 2008

2.14 C is for combo

Occasionally, having a stash is a good thing. When you have one thing in hand, and can reach into the stash for something to go with it...

This orange/purple tussah was an impulse buy at Fingerlakes Fiber Fest, bought because I'm a color-junky. I had no particular plan in mind for it and it doesn't go with anything I have.

However, when I gave it some serious thought, I remembered a bit of fiber from the end of a dye-day. This was a greyish-brown top from Dunnose Head Farm. I stuffed it in the acid bath and then in baggies with too little dye, giving lovely splotches of purple and turquoise across the brown. It goes very well with the orange and purple don't you think?

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