Wednesday, January 09, 2008

1.9 Tussah green

Not to be confused with the BFL green I'm spinning on the spindle, this is the tussah silk green I picked up at Fingerlakes Fiber Fest this fall, which I am spinning on the wheel. I've spun about half of the 5 ounces I bought, and am currently plying the first skein. It'll be a laceweight yarn, not sure of the yardage yet.
Green Tussah
I'm all caught up on my sleep from this weekend (well, sort of) and have a full day of homework ahead of me. I'm currently taking a lunch break and if the weather holds off (wind, rain, more wind, a little bit of sun at the moment) I may dodge out through the raindrops and do the grocery shopping. There are leaves and few branches on our back lawn, the gardening neighbor to the south lost his trellis, and the lights have flickered once or twice. I'm so glad we have the UPS, as I sit here writing code on deadline.

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