Thursday, January 10, 2008

1.10 Blue jeans

I don't remember what the original dyer had called this (it was a small baggie I picked up at guild one time) I think it was just labeled "Blues - Tussah". The vendor didn't have any other dyed tussah; I didn't ask if they had dyed it or picked it up from someone else; I don't remember which vendor. (Amazingly incurious about it, now that I look back). It was silk top in three separate hanks, two smaller and one larger (about 3.5 oz altogether, one bit was probably 2 oz and the other two split the 1.5 between them. One smaller bit was almost all the darkest blue shade, and the other two ran the gamut of the shades of indigo and all of it reminds me of blue jeans. This was another bit of spindle spinning that got stopped in midstream - the bag it was in got hastily moved to the guestroom/craft room as we were tidying the house one time, and then got hastily moved from the guest bed into the craft closet or maybe into the cupboard when we were tidying the guest bed for guests to actually sleep in it as opposed to using it as a flat surface for storage. When I finish the green BFL I think I'll find the blue jeans again.Blue jeans tussah

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