Monday, January 07, 2008

1.7 This is another of the skeins I finished up over the winter break. This is from the DHF fiber that I had dyed in my bump dyeing experiment (dye the bump as a bump in one color [cherry red], then rewrap the bump so that what was the still white center is now on the outside, then redye [ navy blue]) The ends of the bump in fairly solid colors, I spun separately on the spindle. I have about 2 hundred yards of 3 ply here, about sport weight. Any suggestions for 200 yds sport weight in soft yarn?
Reds DHF
I usually spindle spin because I like the color and feel of the fiber. Picking something to do with it is usually down the line after I finish the yarn and admire it for a while. The answer to Cathy's question about the purpose of the Wild Raspberry is, I dunno, but making a sweater appeals - perhaps a t-top would be good.

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