Sunday, January 27, 2008

1.27 A day of rest

Having finished my homework yesterday, I got a chance to ignore it today. (Whee!) Today's task was making orange marmelade. I only made two batches of jam last summer (peach and plum). Changes in my bread baking style (and the concommitant bread eating style on the part of my family) have lead to us going through jam at an alarming rate. Last year, two batches was quite sufficient; this year we're going to run out about the end of February.
I only make orange marmelade once every five years or so (it take that long to forget the tedium of its manufacture). I haven't made it, actually, since I had oranges to pick off our own tree, when we lived in California. I used organic oranges and lemons, but I still preferred having our own to use.
Having gotten wrapped up in making marmelade, I forgot to make the bread until it was too late this evening. We'll see how well I remembered to use the timer on the bread machine.

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