Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, Christmas has come and gone and here we are, staring a new year in the face. K and S think there is nothing better to ask for than the weather report we have - a storm warning for 12 inches of snow to arrive the night before and morning of the first day back at school. I have mixed feelings about a foot of snow all at once, whenever it arrives.
Christmas was a nice time. Everyone pretty much got things that made them happy. I even managed to pick an article of clothing for the other three members of the house which I have actually seen them wearing (this is a major accomplishment, especially for Miss Teenager, for whom I have not been allowed to shop alone since she turned 11) (obviously I snuck out on my own this time, but I did save the receipt, which won't be needed).
We had just enough snow to have a white Christmas, followed by just enough warmth to give us good driving weather. We're having a white New Year's Eve, to be followed by a severe storm. Hmmm.
I took the Rogue with me on the driving and I've got the body up to the underarm done. Sleeves are ensuing (simultaneously) and I've got a couple of inches done. I have green silk on the wheel and green wool on the spindle. I'm getting antsy to start something new, so I'm holding firm; if I start something new, I'll drop all the old stuff - not what I want to do right now.
I have no new year's resolutions; I gave up on those several years ago. I discovered a long time ago that I don't do well in knitalongs or swaps or... anything else that requires me to move in lockstep with other people. If I'm in the middle of something, and try to start something else, one of two things happens. A) Thing 1 gets dropped, never to be returned to (annoying if it was something I really wanted) or B) Thing 2 gets a halfassed job because I really wanted to work on Thing 1. This applies to Resolutions. Usually they wind up in B) state. It's much better if I make changes (the smaller the better) as I go through the year, rather than trying to make Change happen just because the date does.
Gotta go nap. K and S intend to make sure I'm awake at midnight, but there's nothing that says I can't get some shuteye between now and then.

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