Monday, November 26, 2007

I started spindle spinning this before we left and when rogue went south on me, I switched to spinning rather than knitting for the car drives (down to MD to pick up the urchins and then back from PA). This is BFL from the same source I used last time (only then it was reds and oranges). It isn't quite as nice- she seems to have felted it just a tad. I love the greens though.

This was something I picked up at spinning guild the week before. I went, firmly intending to buy Nothing More, but you see how well that lasted. I'm always a color junky, but at this time of year, particularly when the sky is grey for days on end, I latch onto the saturated colors. I have nothing that I need this for; there are no queued projects that it is suitable for. I just need it for the color.


Cathy said...

Very pretty - and I am with you with the need for saturated color.

beadlizard said...

Saturated, bright colors here, too. That and extra vitamin D3.

cyndy said...

That is a nice rich emerald color!
Nice to see green when all the leaves and grass have turned brown.