Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bad news and good news.
You may (or may not) recall that I mentioned I forgot all my patterns at home when I went on vacation and that I was working from my memory of glancing at Sylvia's notes the day I left.
The bad news is that I didn't remember correctly. It's not 15 fans in the expansion, it's 15 repeats of chart B. That is, I don't need 540 stitches on the needles before I go into the fan section, I only need 443.
The good news is that when I stopped to count last night, I'm only up to 13.5 repeats of chart B; I only have 433 stitches on the needles.
And Hurrah! I'm almost ready to start the fans!

1 comment:

beadlizard said...

You had me going there for a moment, calculating how to do yet another set of repeats! Glad it will be okay as is. --Syl