Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm always a little sad to see the first of the Oriental lilies to start blooming. Somehow, it signifies the beginning of the end. The Asiatics bloom first, then the daylilies start, and then the Orientals and then... they're done. This is of course, being much too gloomy as some of the daylilies are barely putting their scapes up and the Tangos aren't quite done yet, but still... This yellow beauty is first out of the starting gate, but only by a day or two. There's another that may open tomorrow, and that's one I just planted last year so I'm anxious to see it.
C, I'm glad you like the Aran afghan, but I left it at my parents-in-law earlier this week, so I'm not getting anything done on it. I had to rip back about 8 rows of Hyrna, and have just gotten back to the point that I had been. I started a cotton scarf when I needed some mindless knitting and, having dropped a stitch about 5 rows before I noticed it, I need to rip that back as well. All in all, this has been a dud week for knitting chez nous.


beadlizard said...

Pretty! A girl brought a big bouquet of lilies to DD's graduation and everyone she passed was stained by the pollen. Intense stuff!

Hope the knitting mistakes fairy decides to go on vacation for a bit!

I'll send the latest draft (definitely unfinished, but I've added a bit and corrected a bit) of the notes.

DD loved the ladder photos and wonders if the cats do that all the time? --syl

Elizabeth said...

The KM fairy can take a hike as far as I'm concerned. I love the lilies but somehow I can't bear to cut any of mine.
Do that cats do what? Climb the ladder? Snowball does that all the time. Chase their tails? Tiger goes on a tear every evening and his tail is a prime target. Snowball is a prime target too ;-)

Cathy said...

Have you pollinated some of you lilies? I did some of the Orientals and some of the asians and am curious to see what happens.

I know what you mean about the beginning of the end. I refuse to complain about the heat - it's not gonna last.