Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer is here, and as with most things that involve change, it is wrecking havoc with my mental schedules. There isn't anything wrong with a summer schedule, it's just different from my school year schedule, and as such, I have to refigure when I'm going to perform my marginal activities (such as knitting, spinning, and blogging, for example). It's not that these activities hold marginal interest for me, you understand, just that at present, while working and ferrying offspring around, they exist in the margins of my life. Some people advocate moving marginal activities to times such as 4 am; I am not one of them. At 4 am I hope to be sound asleep.

It would appear that my best time to blog is going to be in those moments when my son is not yet ready to tear himself from the library high speed connection, such a thing being unheard of at our house. The only thing wrong with this plan (high speed connections being desirable for this on my part as well), is that the library frowns on my attaching my camera to their computer, which sort of leads to a dearth of pictures. Hmmmm...

Have a good weekend.

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