Monday, June 04, 2007

My feet hurt!

6 hours of walking around the local amusement part on Friday with the 6th grade class trip and my feet still hurt. 3 12-year old boys take a lot of keeping up with.

And while we're on the subject of 12 year olds - what ARE their parents thinking? Who sends their kids with $35 to spend and no instructions on how to spend it? I was feeling extravagant giving mine $20 and expecting him to learn to make good choices about buying his lunch. (He can spend as much as he likes/needs, but I expect the change back. The thing that always surprises me is, I get some!) These kids had their lunch provided AND $35 to just "spend". One of them asked me "Can we go shopping? I love to go look at the shops and waste money." What sort of a life lesson is that? _grrr_

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Birdsong said...

Glad you commented so that I could find you! You may be the only person I ever meet that also has Lady Gainford's Kilt Hose book in their library. I got my copy while she was still alive and made the sampler like she suggested and wrote to her. She sent a lovely little note back.