Thursday, June 21, 2007

More of the Asiatic lilies have opened up. These are in a pot on my front step, and the small flower to the back is a baby in the same pot. I think it's going to find a new home in the fall. These next pictures are of an Asiatic type - Red Carpet Lilies, marketed as good border plants. I have them bordering the bed along the front walk. Last year when I got these, I meant to put them up along the edge and see how far the 20 I ordered would go. In actual fact, when the bulbs arrived, I had a big wad of zinnias which had taken over the center part of the border, so I skipped a space in the middle. So, I suppose this year I need to fill in the gap. The side picture gives the truest color - at least on my monitor.


Cathy said...

Wow! I love the colors - that red is a knock out!

BL Totemaker said...

Gorgeous, truly gorgeous!
Can you recomend any great yarn stores in Boise?
I will be looking for them next week, somewhere between fishing, knitting, hoping for lightening storms, and expending as much energy as possible doing absolutely nothing. OH, yes, I may squeeze in an arduous trip to See's too.
Thank you!